Family Heirlooms
My Favorite Things
1899 Glass
Back of mug
Front of mug
Earrings from Israel
These are inscribed on the backs,  Pilgrim Badge Boston.  They are 1/2" in diameter
My Stepdad, Thomas Merwin Collier was a photojournalist in the Coast Guard and used this camera.  
This was his second tour of Tientsin, China in 1942  and he brought back many gifts for his Mother and these are a few.
The items shown below have been in our family forever and are very special to me.
This is inscribed on the bottom of the 4" x 3 3/4" mug "British Anchor - Made in England"
On the front it says "Yorkshiremans Advice to His Son"
Great great Grandparent's pipes.  Her's is missing part of the clay stem.
Also, an Ivory Walrus cigarette holder from Alaska
1885 Beaded ladies wristlets and glass from 1899
1904 World Fair good luck tokens.
A 1908 letter to Grandma Clara from her first "Gentleman Friend".  
It was folded in this 2" envelope and shows both the front and back of the letter.
A large Vaseline glass vase and two J. Gould prints that are numbered.
A special friend bought these for me.  
They are from Israel and are made with
2000 year old Roman glass (greenish at
the top).
Of all the various glass pieces (which are not shown), this one is most precious to me.  My Mother loved
it more than all the others and I don't know why.  I  wish I would have taken the time to ask her.
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I also have some pictures he took of public beheadings that are too graphic to post.
Click each picture for a larger view.